The Casper Artists’ Guild, Inc. is a nonprofit organization offering art exhibitions and workshops for the education and enjoyment of the citizens of Casper and its surrounding communities. The Guild was organized in 1924, making it one of the oldest organizations in the State dedicated to promoting and developing an interest in visual arts. Our Purpose is to provide an opportunity for members to create art for their own enjoyment, to learn new artistic skills, or to improve on the skills they have. Beginning artists are welcome as well as professionals.

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Opening our doors in 1955, inside the now historical Turner Cottman Building on 2nd Street in downtown Casper, Wyoming, Goedicke’s Custom Framing & Art Supply has always been an artist owned and operated business. Original owner, Mr. Fred Goedicke, spent his time perfecting his craft of custom framing and teaching eager apprentices, the same art he loved to create. In 1976, The Goedicke family expanded it’s business to include art supplies.

In 2013, as passionate photographers and lovers of all things creative, we, the Marlow’s, purchased Goedicke’s with the intentions of refreshing all things old and to inspire for all things new. Our excitement to make the local business a creative and supportive community space, is what keeps us excited and always moving forward.

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Fort Atelier helps brands and professionals enhance their digital content with Animation & Motion Design. Located in Casper, Wyoming, Fort Atelier is an advocate for local arts, arts education, and community artistic expression.

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What is an art walk?

An Art Walk is an opportunity for the community to come together to celebrate and experience the hearts, minds, and souls of the people who make their community unique.

Why do we want an Art Walk? ​

• ​Brings our community together
• Builds relationships and collaboration
• Showcases the talents and diversity of our community
• Creates a unique culture
• Fosters innovation in people and businesses
• Creates foot traffic
• Encourages economic opportunities for artists, galleries and small businesses
• Provides free entertainment, experiences and education
• Creates memories


• The common thread is “Making” (Making art, film, photography, music, performance, food, furniture, crafts, poetry, comedy, etc)
• It should feature ORIGINAL local, regional and international artists
• Do creative projects – decorate your facade, create an installation, paint a temporary mural, and have fun
• Encourage the public to participate in “Making”
• Provide demonstrations
• It’s up to everyone to invite their family, friends and neighbors