Participate as an Artist for the Art Walks!

Artist information found below

1. Register Online

If you would like to be an artist on the Casper Art Walk please complete our Artist Registry form. This registry will be shared monthly to the Participating Map Locations. If you are already scheduled with a Participating Location for an Art Walk night it is not mandatory to be on the Artist Registry.

2. Start Networking

To help you get booked for an art walk, we strongly encourage ambitious artists to take action and begin the conversation with participating map locations. You can start by emailing or calling locations to discuss your portfolio, and see if there are any opportunities to get scheduled for an Art Walk night.

3. The registry is shared

Each month our updated Artist Registry is shared with the participating Casper Art Walk map locations. These participants will refer to our Artist Registry when they have availability and are seeking to showcase new talent.

4. Get Confirmed and Scheduled

Once you have been confirmed and scheduled for an Art Walk at a participating map location your activity will be shared and made public on the Casper Art Walk website. This information will be visible leading up to the scheduled Art Walk.

5. Share on Social Media

To help spread the word we suggest creating your own photo/ graphic post to promote you’re scheduled to be on the Casper Art Walk! Be sure to tag the @CasperArtWalk for your post to be shared by us.

6. Share until Art Walk

Frequently promote and share your participation over social media until the evening of the Art Walk. Don’t forget to invite your family and friends!

Hash tag us at #CasperArtWalk

7. Art Walk Night!

Prepare for the Art Walk evening and show up early to your location for setup if necessary. If you are selling items, you are responsible for your own transactions and packaging. Please remember that you are a guest at your location, have fun, be respectful, and enjoy showcasing your amazing talents!

p.s. Don’t forget to thank your hosting location 🙂



Are you interested in getting your artwork in front of an audience? Downtown Casper business partners would love to showcase the talented artists and artisans who want to exhibit, perform, demonstrate, sample, and sell their work. If you or someone you know would be interested in participating, please fill out the form below to be added to the 2022 Casper Art Walk Artists Registry. This registry is used as a resource for participating businesses to schedule art activities for Art Walks.  This registry will be shared frequently with the participating business partners to refer and schedule artists at their convenience.

Attention Artists and Artisans
We encourage artists to initiate the conversation with the participating venues. Artists and artisans are contacted from the registry when the participating business owners are in search/need of someone to exhibit for a certain month. We suggest artists introduce themselves to participating businesses by sharing their fine art, portfolio, goods, talents, or etc., and have a conversation about scheduling an opportunity.

*No one is rejected, the list is a resource for participating businesses to add an artistic element if they don’t have one by trade. Please Let us know if you have any questions. Email us at

What’s expected of an artist/artisan
Artists and artisans are responsible for displaying and selling their own artwork and goods with the permission of the participating business. Participating businesses are only expected to provide a 3 hour home for you to display and sell your unique products and skills. Please negotiate your space and needs with your art walk business when scheduling. The Casper Art Walk and the participating businesses are not responsible for supplies (table, table cloth, lighting, etc), transactions, or incidentals. All registered businesses, artists, and artisans are participating at their own risk and are responsible for their own liabilities.

Tips for Success

We encourage artists to reference and download the following Casper Art Walk – Artist Booth – Tips for Success graphic. This graphic is designed to help visual artists with suggested supplies for their booth setup.

Don’t forget business cards or marketing collateral. You never know when and where your next sales opportunity could arise!

Sign up for our Artist Registry below!

*No one is rejected, the list is a resource for participating businesses to add an artistic element if they don’t have one by trade. Please Let us know if you have any questions.

Email us at